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PER-K® Workshops for PSYCH-K® Facilitators

Welcome to the Evolution of Business

A bit of history: 


PER-K® is a belief change program designed to help catalyze growth, cultivate communication, foster whole-brained leadership and create sustainable success within businesses, organizations and corporations. It was originally created to be shared in-house however it has since been opened to entrepreneurs and those working as consultants and coaches with corporate clients and within business settings.


PSYCH-K® Facilitators who have a business orientation and background regularly ask for a bridging workshop so they can understand and experience PER-K and become PER-K Catalysts.


Due to the unique circumstances of our times, we will continue to offer in-person PER-K® Trainings and additionally, we have an exciting new offering:


The PER-K® Online Program for PSYCH-K® Facilitators. See below for details and dates for both.

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EXClusive offer

PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators

In-person Workshop

Create a quantum leap in your business!


Offer catalyzing 1-1 sessions with your clients to

 help them create sustainable success!

Why PER-K®?

This specially designed workshop will provide PSYCH-K® Facilitators with a greater understanding of how to apply and integrate PER-K® within your role as a coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant, leader, manager or entrepreneur.


The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

This Training Will:

  • utilize the same foundational processes you learned in the PSYCH-K® Basic

  • build upon what you already know so you can think differently about how and when you use PER-K®

  • Expand your ability to use balances with a business focus and within a business context

  • Support you in becoming a catalyst for professional transformation

This Training Will Not:

  • include additional balances

  • teach you how run a business or sell to organizations

How to Prepare:

  • reflect on your professional goals

  • consider how you'd like to do things differently

  • identify a current challenge or project you'd like to transform. During the training you will be supported in orienting yourself towards success. For example, you may want to launch a new product, or lead your sales team with more confidence. 


  • Identify and change beliefs that prevent you from actualizing your business potential

  • Explore the impact of thinking differently about road blocks, conflicts as well as innovations and solutions

  • Learn to goal set using the subconscious mind - with individuals and teams

  • Shift limiting perceptions about business vernacular and site specific terminology

  • Use the PER-K® processes to help businesses integrate their mission, vision and values into daily choices and behaviours

  • Transform the perceptions of stress related to a variety of professional situations and events

  • Create custom made goal statements for yourself and your clients

  • Incorporate the Principles of Nature into your business mindset and potential projects

  • Application discussion for PER-K® within a variety of professional contexts or situations that are meaningful to you

Dates: 2022 Dates TBA

Times: 10:00-5:30 each day

Location: Greater Vancouver, Canada



$1150 USD Buddy Rate 

$1250 USD Standard Rate 

If you are new to PER-K®, scroll a little further down this page to learn more about a program just for you.

EXClusive ONLINE offer

PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators:

Catalyzing Mindset Transformation for the

Evolution of Businesses

Dear PSYCH-K® Facilitators,


I am tremendously excited to announce the NEW PER-K® Catalyst Online Program.  


If you are a PSYCH-K Facilitator who:

  • currently works as a business coach or consultant 

  • is a business owner, manager, executive, team leader or entrepreneur

  • believes organizations and teams are increasingly ready to make a greater difference in a different way

  • wants to introduce and integrate the power of the PSYCH-K® processes into your work life 

  • is ready inspire sustainable solutions and catalyze an evolution in business...

... you are invited to join this NEW ONLINE PER-K® offering.


This course was designed as a bridge to PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators who work with, or within, a corporate or business setting and who are committed to accelerating a new mindset therein. For example; coaches, consultants, business owners, managers or team leaders.

For many years PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators has been offered as an in-person workshop and it will remain available as such if you prefer this option. Of late, the business world is shifting exponentially, precipitating a new model for coaching and consulting, one that is adaptable to online and virtual delivery. The PER-K® Catalyst Online Program aligns with the needs of the rapidly evolving business environment. 


Through this Online Program, you can immediately expand your ability as a PER-K® Catalyst to impact decisions makers and leaders as they recalibrate and recreate their organizations to serve a greater purpose rather than restarting with a business as usual mindset. 



  • experience as a business coach, consultant, manager, owner or leader within an organization  

  • PSYCH-K® Basic AND EITHER the Master Facilitation Workshop or the Advanced 

  • OR Previously attended the PER-K® Essentials for Success AND either the MFW or Advanced  

The MFW and/or Advanced is required so participating facilitators already know surrogation.  


There is an application process for this program which will be forwarded to those who are interested.


If you are still getting comfortable facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions or if your main focus is building your PSYCH-K® business rather than working with organizations, leaders and teams, then the Master Facilitation Workshop is likely a better fit. 


CLICK Here to read the Course Outline


I look forward to seeing you soon and hope you are as excited as I am by this wonderful online opportunity to connect and catalyse growth and transformation.




Dates & Times: 2022 TBA 

Location: Online via Zoom

Investment: $900 USD or $ 450 USD if you've attended a previous PER-K® Training

The Evolution of Business - Rob Williams 
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