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Sandra Wallin is a belief builder and creation catalyst whose passion is helping people who are ready for change, move from stuck to stupendous!

As a child, Sandra watched her beloved father give his life to his work and in her twenties, she watched his work take his life. After two exhaustive rounds with cancer, he confided his regret at having taken the road more traveled. This lead

to a job which paid the bills, but did nothing to fill his heart. During his final  hours, Sandra vowed to her dad, and to herself, that from then on, she would only do what she loved. She has kept her promise.

Known as a change agent, motivational teacher and sacred space holder, Sandra is a transformer who debunks the myth that change is painful and slow.

As a lifelong learner Sandra has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education, a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, and is currently working toward a Doctorate in Ecopsychology. She was a school teacher and counsellor for over twenty years and has been a psychotherapist since 1996.

Her extensive background in belief change psychology, expressive therapies, nature based teachings and equine guided learning have inspired invitations to teach and lecture around the world. 

Sandra has worked with power companies including Microsoft, and helped children who have been bullied, step into their power. She has been featured at medical symposiums alongside Nobel Prize Winner - Candace Pert and thought-leader scientist - David Suzuki. Most recently, at the request of friend and mentor Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, Sandra has been teaching at a local prison, helping groups of men serving life sentences break free from the prison of their limiting beliefs.


A lead mare in her own right, Sandra helped to develop guidelines for the ethical practice of Equine Facilitated Wellness in Canada. She is a sought after mentor and trainer who exemplifies partnering WITH horses in the fields of human development. 

Though she has studied with many amazing people, Sandra says her most influential teachers have been horses, whom she credits for taking her (and her clients) beyond her belief ceiling to a place where all things are possible.

Today, Sandra is still doing what she loves… living on a little piece of heaven just east of Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two daughters, four horses, Galileo the feral cat and Saxon, aka two hundred pounds of drooling mastiff.


"Everything you can imagine is real."

-Pablo Picasso

“Once in awhile, in the midst of an ordinary life, love give us a fairy tale…” 


~ Mary Englebreit

Sandra and her husband Greg enjoying travels together.

Exploring Castles in Ireland

"Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth."
- Rumi


Drawing from three decades as a psychotherapist, educator, and mentor, Sandra helps the people and businesses she works with grow beyond the status quo to achieve greater levels of success, peace and fulfillment.

Sandra's approach is person-centered and solution focused. It often includes belief change psychology, equine guided development, expressive therapies and collaborative leadership. Her work harnesses the power of the subconscious mind, cultivates creativity and fosters a "whole-brained" state, all of which create deep connections with self, with others and with one’s purpose.


Sandra's background in nature based teaching and ecopsychology supports the view that we are intricatley connected with each other and the world around us. The health of the planet correlates with the psychological wellbeing of humanity, individually and collectively. This invites deep inquiry into a re-minding of who we really are and a re-imagining of who we want to become. 


From this vantage point we can find ourselves at the edge of new possibilities, creating new stories, and courageously inhabiting our whole selves while unfolding personal and collective myths in which meaning and joy are infinitely available.

Enjoy this FREE Centering Meditation as 

Sandra's gift to you.

Centering Meditation - Sandra Wallin and Kim McElroy
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