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The condition of the global economy indicates that the time has come for business to evolve beyond the Darwinian mentality of "survival of the fittest."

Nature teaches critical lessons, orienting organizations and thought leaders to make a shift in their subconscious mindsets.

This idea was inspired by Dr. Bruce Lipton's persistent message that we have become disconnected from the basic laws of nature. Like any species on earth, if we don't evolve, we'll become extinct. Business is no exception. By aligning with the Principles of Nature, we can create a decidedly more friendly future along with sustainable success for our businesses, ourselves and our planet.

PER-K® (spoken as one word, perk) accesses Possibilities, focuses Energy congruently, and produces repeatable Results — which is the Key to sustainable success.


PER-K® is a proven process for rewriting the software of the subconscious mind to dramatically increase personal and professional performance. A unique blend of various methods for change,
PER-K® draws upon scientific research including brain dominance theory, quantum science and neuroscience as well as utilizing principles of mind/body integration.

EXClusive offer

PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators

Create a quantum leap in your business!


Offer catalyzing 1-1 sessions with your clients

so they can create the same!

Why PER-K®?

Essentials for Success was designed to be independent of PSYCH-K® however many PSYCH-K® Facilitators have a desire to learn and experience PER-K®.

This specially designed workshop will provide PSYCH-K® Facilitators with a greater understanding of how to apply and integrate PER-K® within your role as a coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant, leader, manager or entrepreneur.


The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

This Training Will:

  • utilize the same foundational processes you learned in the PSYCH-K® Basic

  • build upon what you already know so you can think differently about how and when you use PER-K

  • Expand your ability to use balances with a business focus

  • Support you in becoming a catalyst for professional transformation

This Training Will Not:

  • include additional balances

  • teach you how run a business or sell to organizations

How to Prepare:

  • reflect on your professional goals

  • consider how you'd like to do things differently

  • identify a current challenge or project you'd like to transform. During the training you will be supported in orienting yourself towards success. For example, you may want to launch a new product, or lead your sales team with more confidence. 


  • Identify and change beliefs that prevent you from actualizing your business potential

  • Explore the impact of thinking differently about road blocks, conflicts as well as innovations and solutions

  • Learn to goal set using the subconscious mind - with individuals and teams

  • Shift limiting perceptions about business vernacular and site specific terminology

  • Use the PER-K® processes to help businesses integrate their mission, vision and values into daily choices and behaviours

  • Transform the perceptions of stress related to a variety of professional situations and events

  • Create custom made goal statements for yourself and your clients

  • Incorporate the Principles of Nature into your business mindset and potential projects

  • Application discussion regarding PER-K® within a variety of professional contexts or situations that are meaningful to you

Dates: November 30 - December 2

Times: 10:00-5:30 each day

Location: Greater Vancouver, Canada



$1150 USD Buddy Bird 

$1250 USD Regular Rate 

This is a substantial savings off the regular investment for a 3-Day Essentials for Success Training for new participants.

If you are new to PER-K®, scroll a little further down this page to learn more about a program just for you.

create the business you love




Learn how to look at any challenge in your business, identify the thinking that got you there and then select the ideal beliefs needed to support your success. 

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Effective leaders understand alignment is a dynamic process that evolves continually as conditions and needs change. This kind of adaptability is essential to thriving in 21st century business.

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