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Welcome to the Evolution of Business

The condition of the global economy indicates the time has come for business to evolve beyond the Darwinian mentality of "survival of the fittest."

Nature teaches critical lessons, orienting organizations and thought leaders to make a shift in their subconscious mindsets.

This idea was inspired by Dr. Bruce Lipton's persistent message that we have become disconnected from the basic laws of nature. Like any species on earth, if we don't evolve, we'll become extinct. Business is no exception.


By aligning with the Principles of Nature, we can create a decidedly more friendly

future along with consistent sustainable success for our businesses, ourselves and our planet.

"What if you could hire the best ‘life coach’ ever...

one with millions of years of success at creating a beautiful, abundant, sustainable life?  Well, you can... it’s called Nature!"

— Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cell Biologist

It's time to bring what WORKS to work!

create the business you love


Imagine if you could look at any challenge in your business, identify the thinking that got you there and then re-write the software of your mind to dramatically increase your performance?

Or confidently seize new opportunities by selecting the ideal beliefs to support your success, then create new neural pathways in advance, preventing habitual behaviours and limited thinking from sabotaging your future.


It is documented that well-trained, motivated and committed people often sabotage themselves because their subconscious minds habour beliefs that are contrary to success!


To make real improvements and sustain them over time, the underlying beliefs and attitudes that sabotage peak performance must be transformed.


Learn how in this experiential and immediately applicable training.

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Contact Sandra to sponsor this training for your organization or team OR bring them out to work at her office in the coastal mountains near Vancouver.

Click on the PDF for more information.



Effective leaders understand alignment is a dynamic process that evolves continually as conditions and needs change. This kind of adaptability is essential to thriving in 21st century business.

Neuroscience shows that 95% of all thinking processes lie below our conscious awareness. To create sustainable change, quickly and easily, training and coaching must address the subconscious and how its underlying beliefs and biases direct all decisions and actions.

When subconscious beliefs support conscious goals and perspectives, aligned leaders naturally orient themselves, and their teams, toward sustainable success.


Contact Sandra to sponsor this training for your organization or team. 


Click on the PDF for more information.

When you attend this training at Chiron's Way, Sandra will co-facilitate with her herd of horses, masters at alignment and leadership.

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