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The Sacred Ride ~ Horses In Art Winter 2011

The Xen of Hope ~ Horses In Art Fall 2011

The Wind Horse’s Prayer ~ Horses In Art Summer 2011

That’s My Line ~ Horses In Art Spring 2011

The Sounds In Silence ~ Horses In Art Winter 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear ~ Horses In Art Fall 2010

The Equine Apothecary ~ Synchronicity Magazine 2008

EFMHA – An Echo Beyond The Mirror – Summer 2007


The Journey Horse with Michael Stone and Sandra Wallin
A playful conversation between shamanic teacher - Michael Stone and student of the horse - Sandra Wallin regarding their new collaboration, The Journey Horse.

Conscious Horsemanship Webinar 
On this call, Sandra discusses her latest thinking on personal development and being with horses. Conscious Horsemanship is a synthesis of her learning from the fields of equine guided development and belief change psychology as well as the intense apprenticeship she's been immersed in over the last 10 years with the Chiron’s Way herd.

PSYCH-K® and Horses - Sandra Wallin
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PSYCH-K® and Horses
An interview with Sandra Wallin about the transformative work supported by equine therapy. 

Conscious Horsemanship – Part 1
A two-part interview with Mark Mottershead for Horse Conscious 

Conscious Horsemanship – Part 2
A two-part interview for Horse Conscious 

Whole Brained Horsemanship 
From the Healing With Horse Virtual Summit

Beyond Words
Sandra's interview with Joanne Sprott from Believe in the Moment Radio - Finding Inspiration to Write

Aug 2011 - Sprit Whispers
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Spirit Whispers
Interview with Diane Caldwell

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Conscious Horsemanship - Part 1 - Sandra Wallin
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Conscious Horsemanship - Part 2 - Sandra Wallin
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Whole Brained Horsemanship - A Healing With Horse Seminar - Sandra Wallin
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July 2011 - Beyond Words
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