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Anticipated NEW Release

The Council of Horses Oracle

Council of Horses Cover

Galloping Forth October 2024

40-card Deck and Guidebook


 Forward by Linda Kohanov, author of the Tao of Equus


Boxed set, 4 x 5.5

Includes 40 colour cards and a 192-page guidebook

Published by Bear & Company


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Ships in October 2024

Tap into the wisdom of horses for guidance and self-transformation


  • Includes 40 beautifully illustrated cards featuring horse avatars and mythic equine beings such as unicorns,
    kelpies, Pegasus, and Chiron

  • The guidebook shares the message of each card, and guidance to help you determine if you are on the right path or need a nudge in a more positive direction, as well as suggested actions to help you integrate the lessons from the Council of Horses

Allowing you to tap into the earthly and spiritual wisdom of horses, this oracle embraces humanity’s millennia-old relationship with horses as interactive guides to transformation. It helps you open your heart, navigate through transitions and challenges, and manifest the best version of yourself.


Each beautifully illustrated card conveys the captivating presence of the horse, offering an encounter with the equine soul while transmitting healing frequencies directly from the mystical Council of Horses. Serving as portals of transformation, the cards allow you to actively engage with horses as sentient beings who choose to support the well-being of humankind.


The accompanying guidebook explains how to work with the cards, alongside a history of the horse as an intermediary between humans and the divine. The book explores the down-to-earth or archetypal elements of each card—from modern-day mystics to legendary horse avatars like unicorns, kelpies, Pegasus, and Chiron— along with the card’s specific message and healing lesson. 


Each horse shares their story, offering guidance and courageous questions to help you determine if you are on the right path, off track, or need a nudge in a more positive direction. Each card ends with a suggested action or invited change to help integrate the lessons of the Council in your life. This deck allows you to work with the practical and spiritual wisdom of horses for guidance, healing, and transformation, as well as embrace the divine synergy that occurs when horses and people come together.


Sandra Wallin, M.A., is a beloved educator, psychotherapist, and horse listener. A sought-after speaker and workshop leader, she teaches equine-guided wellness worldwide. Currently, she is writing her doctoral thesis on the healing power of horses. She lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. 


Kim McElroy is an award-winning equine artist renowned for her visionary artistic and written creations. Blessed by her horse mentors, she is the illustrator of Way of the Horse wisdom cards. She lives in Kingston, Washington.

The Council of Horses!

Galloping forth this October!!

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Featuring two original artworks by Sandra Wallin

and one collaboration between Sandra and Kim.

Whinnies and Nickers for the Council of Horses:

I am thrilled to recommend this new volume of what I’m quite sure could be an entire encyclopedia of the knowledge that horses hold. You don’t have to be a rider—you don’t have to own or lease a horse or even exhibit previous interest in horses—to benefit from the wisdom they want to share. It is as if the Council of Horses has been waiting patiently for centuries, enduring our fretful adolescent fantasies of power and superiority, knowing all the while that, one by one, certain humans will wake up to the inner beauty of the equine mind and spirit. 

     ~ Linda Kohanov, Founder Eponaquest, Author Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds, The Power of the Herd


This 'tarot' like meditative deck is both interesting and imaginatively accurate. It's ‘seering’ capacities offer an otherworldliness expanded through equine guidance and heart filled Energy. Beautiful practice in listening and allowing. I love it. Thank you.


     ~ Barbara K. Rector, Founder Adventures in Awareness, Author Adventures In Awareness: Learning With the
        Help of Horses

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