Workshops for Personal Growth, Development & Inspiration

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”   ~ Mother Theresa

Drawn to Horses workshops are for people who want to learn more about themselves while in the company of horses. When you see horses, your heart skips a beat whether you’ve grown up with them or admired them from afar. There is a reason for this; an innate resonance that happens while in the company of horses. 

Many of the Drawn to Horses workshops incorporate creativity and the expressive arts. They are a natural fit.  Horses have inspired artists throughout the ages and in turn, those of us who look upon their art are captivated by the beauty and majesty therein. The cave drawings in Lascaux, Leonardo’s sculptures, and the finger paintings that adorn kindergarten classrooms, created by little girls who dream of being a horse.

What we share here at Chiron’s Way is a new way of looking at horses, through programs that pay homage to the master artist in each horse. Instead of the painted, they are now the painters, transforming the at times worn canvas of the human spirit into glowing masterpieces, alive with the colours of connection and joy.

Upcoming Workshops

While Sandra is immersed in her doctoral studies, there will be fewer workshops on offer but please check back throughout the summer for updates.

Turning Inward to Open Outward

The Medicine Horse

In this beautiful experiential workshop, Sandra and the Chiron's Way herd, invite you to walk with them around an ancient circle - a medicine wheel - to gather your teachings from the Four Directions.​

To commemorate your walk, you will create a personal horse talisman, as guided by the herd and the land, and inspired by the amazing Medicine Horses of renowned artist, and horse sister, Cal Peacock.

Afterward, you'll spend time  with your Medicine Horse. Within the bond of this relationship, you will integrate the lessons and the gifts the horses have shared with you, in a language that goes deeper than words.

To close the weekend, within the circle you have co-created with the horses and each other, Sandra will share the powerful Healing Song of White Horse she was gifted by her Cree mentor, elder and friend. 



~ equine-guided activities ~ expressive arts ~ indigenous teachings ~ community ~ 

~ kinship and fun ~ 

Date 1:      Summer 2021 TBA

Location:  Chiron's Way in Maple Ridge, CANADA
Time:         10:00 – 4:00 each day (2 days)    
Tuition:     $440  + tax Early Bird

                    $500  + tax Regular

Black Elk Says:

The Grandfathers began to sing,

announcing the  riders of the different quarters...

They will appear.

May you behold them.

A horse-nation will appear.

A thunder-being nation will appear.

They will appear.