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a ticket to ride...

“Come, seek, for search is the foundation of fortune: every success

depends upon focusing the heart.”  

– Rumi


Horse powered mentorship is for people who are ready to envision a new way of being in the world. They believe this can best be accomplished in a natural setting, one that inspires them to see beyond preconceived limits and awakens them to new heights of possibility.

... I remember hearing an interview with John Assaraf. He was talking about the new car he had just purchased and how he was offering a mentor for a day program where you could pick his brain while riding around with him in his car. For auto buffs I can certainly see the appeal however I’m interested in a different kind of horse power. The kind with 4 legs that can literally go off road. When I told a client about John’s interview she said, “You need to do the same thing? Except instead of taking people out in your jeep, you can take them out on horseback?”

The idea stuck and over the next few days this unique mentorship was born.


Up into the mountains we'll go. Off road to find the true road where you can hear, see and feel clearly. This is where powerful dreams take shape.


There is a universe of possibilities available to each of us. The question is, how do we define what we want to attract when we keep looking at life in the same old way?


We begin by changing our perspectives and one of the best ways to "get a different view" is to see the world from the top of a horse!!!


If you're called by horse powered mentorship as much as I'm called to share it, let me know. We'll set up a time to chat and determine if this offering is a fit for you and your goals.


There are only a handful of days available for this mentorship day each year.

You need to be an experienced rider to book your Ticket to Ride.

Investment: $3500 + gst

Your Horse Powered Mentorship Day includes a delicious saddle-bagged lunch, orientation with your horse guides, Sandra's patented "get to the heart of the matter" mentoring, a ride through some of the most gorgeous terrain in the coastal mountains, and to bring it all together to close the day, a mastiff snuggle and a follow up integration session by phone or Zoom.

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