PSYCH-K Basic Workshop

PSYCH-K Advanced Integration Workshop

Three days of transformation and fun, where change happens in just minutes with your subconscious on board! After this interactive weekend, you will be qualified as a PSYCH-K® Basic Facilitator, and thus able to facilitate PSYCH-K® with friends, family, colleagues and clients.


Four-day transformational workshop designed to propel you into new levels of awareness and understanding as a PSYCH-K® facilitator while expanding your ability to be a catalyst for change. The Advanced processes have consistently proven to create powerful and valuable changes in peoples’ lives. 
*The Basic Workshop is a prerequisite.

PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop

Develop high-level facilitation skills with yourself and others, personally and professionally. You'll fine tune what you've  learned in other courses, while increasing your current level of effectiveness, ease and confidence as a

PSYCH-K facilitator.
*The Basic Workshop is a prerequisite.

PSYCH-K Health & Wellbeing Workshop

Learn how to reach new heights through optimal health and wellbeing in this paradigm shifting 4 day training. 

*The Advanced Workshop is a prerequisite.

Greater Vancouver, September 30 - October 1, 2020

$1500 USD

Attending for First Time

$750 USD


PSYCH-K Divine Integration Retreat - Molokai, Hawaii

This magical retreat is the capstone of your PSYCH-K learning. Discover your true purpose as a spiritual being having a human experience while identifying and changing limiting beliefs about the divinity of self, other and beyond.

*The Advanced Workshop is a prerequisite. 

Dates: May 12-15, 2020

Sacred Setting: Private Residence on Molokai, Hawaii

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SPACE IS LIMITED for this Beautiful Retreat.

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 $200 CDN deposit. 


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