Within Canada, the Early Bird tuition (1 month in advance) for Basic Workshops will be $895 CDN + applicable local taxes and $995 CDN + tax thereafter. 

To register for International Workshops please email Sandra at info@chironsway.com 


  • Welcome to the Evolution of Consciousness!


    After attending this workshop, you will be able to facilitate the PSYCH-K® basic processes in private one-to-one sessions with family and friends or in a professional setting with clients and patients.


    ​This training is highly interactive and in it you will learn how to:

    Muscle test (use applied kinesiology) with consistency and accuracy

    Become whole-brained which is the key to heightened learning

    Transform sabotaging behaviours, decisions and choices

    Create well formed, custom made goal statements for yourself and others

    Identify limiting subconscious beliefs and transform them into self-empowering ones

    Transform the perception of stress and trauma

    And much more...


    NB* Once you have registered for a workshop, you will be contacted via email with a welcome package that will include logistics and recommendations to help you best prepare for the experience.