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PSYCH-K® and Horses

“If you want to get close to the horse, you have to get close to yourself. 

Then the horse can come to you.” 

~ Carol Nichols


Learn how to support and promote the health and wellbeing of horses, at home,

in the arena or on the trail.


The PSYCH-K® and Horses trainings are comprised of versatile, powerful and easy to learn processes that will enable you to facilitate transformation with yourself, your clients and your horses. These trainings are a synthesis of Sandra's learning from the fields of Equine Guided Wellness, Ecopsychology, the Biology of Belief, Transformational Psychology and the personal and professional apprenticeship the horses have immersed her in.


The catalyst that brought Conscious Horsemanship to life was a near fatal colic suffered by Sandra's beloved horse Chiron after which she wove the lessons together, launching the first Conscious Horsemanship Programs in Australia, Canada and Ireland. 

The lessons from the horses continue and therefore the Conscious Horsemanship Programs have evolved in kind. In person and online options are now available.


You may enjoy reading Chiron Loves Bon Jovi to learn more.

Suzanne and Scully 

PSYCH-K® and Horses ~ In-Person Workshops

The Basic - Foundations


We begin with the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, encompassing three days of learning in the field of belief change psychology. These three days take place in a classroom-like setting where you’ll learn how to harness the power of the subconscious mind to create real and lasting change while getting comfortable facilitating these transformational processes with yourself and one another.


On the fourth day, you’ll begin to apply this learning to your lives and goals with horses – as guided by ... the horses. This is when we learn that what goes on for and within us, can directly impact the wellbeing of the herd and in fact, everyone around us. This is where it becomes clear it is not about the horse - and we embrace the beautiful invitation to be the change that we seek in the world. 

Spring 2025 at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary 

Summer 2025 in The Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada 

Our relationship with horses starts with us.

Grey Horse and Girl by Fence.jpg

The Advanced - Expansions

During this 5 day training you will learn advanced belief change processes that will allow you to support yourself and others (horses included) in all areas of life – relationships, core beliefs, congruent verbal and non-verbal communication, and befriending fear to name a few.


During days 1-4, you will be learning the Advanced PSYCH-K® processes -with each other. Day 5 will be spent with the horses, doing the belief change work “they recommend ” for you AND, this is where and when you'll begin to apply what you have learned to working directly with horses - with their needs. comforts, relationships, health, and on...

Dates: Summer 2025

Locations: The Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada 

Grey Horse and Girl.jpg

Mastery - Facilitating WITH Ease and Grace

During this 5 day training you will learn how to facilitate profoundly meaningful PSYCH-K® sessions, in-person and at a distance. 


During days 1-4, you will be in the role of "soul' Facilitator however on Day 5, your co-facilitators will be horses. The parameters and potentials of this partnership will depend on your previous skills, experience and training in the field of Equine Guided Wellness and/or with horses. We will be heading into the field so to speak, to work directly with and alongside these benevolent teachers and guides, discovering, balancing and integrating the lessons and messages they will have for each of us that day.

Dates: Fall 2025

Locations: Chiron's Way in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Grey Horse and Girl Hug.jpg

Sacred Horse - a Divine Integration Retreat

The Sacred Horse Retreat is where we’ll connect with the divine qualities within ourselves, the horses, and nature at large. We’ll experience The Namaste Effect – where the divinity in me sees and honours the divinity in you – something horses are adept at teaching and modelling.  


The Basic and Advacned are prerequisites for The Sacred Horse Retreat as we’ll be using processes from both classes during this 4 day immersion, the first 2 days spent in a person-centered learning environment and then the last 2 days spent in the company of horses, and nature…

Dates: Summer 2025

Locations: TBA

Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 3.34.40 PM.png

PSYCH-K® and Horses ~ Online Trainings

Online Level 1 - Foundations


As with the In-person PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, the online version begins with a learning immersion into the biology of belief and the psychology of change, including an instructive video from Dr. Bruce Lipton, best selling author of The Biology of Belief, created just for us as members of the Level 1 Workshop!


We will gather virtually for three days during which you’ll learn how to harness the power of the subconscious mind to create real and lasting change while getting comfortable facilitating the PSYCH-K® processes with and for yourself.


In the Level 1, we put our oxygen masks on first so to speak. We learn that what goes on for and within us, can directly impact the wellbeing of the herd and in fact, everyone around us. This is where it becomes clear it is not about the horse - and we embrace the beautiful invitation to be the change that we seek in the world. 

Dates 2024: August 22-24 in the Americas = August 23-25 Australasia

Tuition: $750 USD

Note: The PSYCH-K® Online Level 1 Workshops are offered year round across most time zones however the dates listed below are special and unique because during these specific PSYCH-K® and Horses Workshops, we will build bridges between what we are learning and the field of equine guided wellness and our relationships with horses.

We will lay the foundation for PSYCH-K and Horses - Online Level 2 which you can read more about below.


Of course, non-horsey folk are always welcome, as long as your are okay with some horse tales ;-)  

Online Level 2 - Facilitating Artfully at a Distance 


During this virtual 4 day training you will learn how to facilitate powerful and transformation PSYCH-K® sessions, via video or audio only format, enabling you to support and work WITH others the world over.


On our last day, we will work in the 'virtual field' with the horses, utilizing a powerful process to access their lessons and messages - for ourselves, for our clients, for the horses and the planet itself. You will have a chance to dialogue with Horse Consciousness, to hear or be guided to what you can do, change, believe, awaken, to be able to show up and support them in the best possible way, so they in turn can can support you and those you love and work with, in the benevolent ways that horses do.


Being able to work virtually with horses and their people, or with horses or people, opens up an entire new field of possibilities, especially for those who can't travel to work together in-person. 

Dates 2024: December 11-14 in the Americas = December 12-15 Australasia

Tuition: $1350 USD


Note: If working in-person is a priority or goal for you, then the in-person stream is where to begin although many Facilitators love to attend in-person as well as online.


Feedback from my Conscious Horsemanship Session with Sandra Wallin:

Sandra has taught her Conscious Horsemanship program at my place in Australia, so of course I know her as a dear friend, a gifted facilitator and the transformative capacity of her work. I also knew that when I volunteered for a phone session on her recent Horse Conscious call I may have no knowing where it would lead, but I knew I was in safe hands.

Stepping up to now riding a 17 hand warmblood brought with it some hidden fear which I had very recently become aware of. This fear was impacting on the big expressive movement of Polaris and he was showing disconnect between his front and back. Grateful for the awareness, I asked for support, initially on the conference call, then completed via Skype directly with Sandra.

The session began with Sandra asking me to go into the future and imagine what I was most afraid of! She offered that this might appear counter intuitive but to trust the process. I gave a rating of 9 out of 10 for the level of anxiety that arose. Sandra then gently guided me through a process that transformed my stressful subconscious associations. Fear was there to begin with causing me to sob deeply for minutes. Once the fear had transformed, I could see this picture from a place of neutrality,. We then did some integrating and when asked to reflect again on what I was most afraid of,  I could hardly imagine it and so could not even give it a score out of 10!

Once my fear had been balanced, Sandra balanced for Polaris and then lastly she balanced for both of us. I loved this process and the belief statement I came up with was, “I am worthy of Oneness with Polaris”, something every rider wishes to embody with their horse.

Sharing my experience with friends afterwards, the resonance it had with some made me aware of how many riders must be pushing through similar fears yet maintaining an illusion of confidence and bravery. This is incongruence in action and something horses are masterful at recognizing!

Since the balance sessions I feel quite differently now when I ride.  I am no longer transferring the energy of fear, Polaris seems more relaxed and I have a greater sense of presence. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to move closer towards my ultimate goal – Oneness with my horse.

~ Jane Reid

Banyandah naturally...

“My horse was being reactive as we approached the little creek by our home.  She’d been through it a hundred times on her own but this was the first time we’d tried it together.  I went back to what I learned with Sandra. Within moments, Bree quieted and we walked confidently across the creek.  It was such a simple yet powerful example of how my internal state affects her. “


~ Diane 


“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

  ~ Khalil Gibran

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