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The Art of Living is for Visionary Women who believe in the extraordinary and know the greatest gift they can give the world is that of their own transformation.


Creating and living the life you've imagined is an art form, requiring passionate visionaries to value congruency over conformity, authenticity over perfection, and the bridging of instinct and intellect with intuition.


The Art of Living is about self-discovery, transformation and success. It is currently available as a private mentorship program that will include a blend of inquiry, belief building and playful creating.

The Art of Living is currently full. If you would like to learn more, or be put on the waiting list, please email via the link below.



Dante writes - In the middle of the road of my life, I awoke in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost. 

She Walks With Horses is a group mentorship program for women who are ready to find - redefine - remember - and honour - their WAY. To be their own path maker after taking the road more traveled ... the one that motherhood, sisterhood and/or livelihood may have lead them on.

In addition to Sandra and each other, your way finding companions will be horses - the Chiron's Way herd in fact - masters at helping women discover, and orient, toward their own north star.

This workshop is open to 8 path makers. We will gather together over the course of three days, engaging in transformational exercises, centering and grounding practices, and of course, walking and way finding with horses.

No horse experience is required.

"You make the path by walking - By walking you make the path..."

Location: Chiron's Way in Maple Ridge

Dates: Postponed due to COVID guidelines

BEING HERD - an Immersion in Horse Wisdom

When you're ready to move from status quo to status grow, at work, home or play, Sandra and the Chiron's Way herd, welcome you for a transformational day at the farm.

This day is an immersion into horse wisdom and horse time. Sorry - no hiding here. The horses have an amazing ability to hone in on the beliefs and behaviours that have been keeping you stuck. Patterns that you may be entirely unaware of - until seen through the eyes of a horse.

Only a handful of immersion days are available each year so contact Sandra early to express your interest. She'll arrange a time to connect and determine if Being Herd is a fit for you and your goals.

Location: Chiron's Way in Maple Ridge

Available Dates: Late spring through early autumn

Your transformational immersion day includes a delicious catered lunch, tailor made exercises and activities, 4 powerful equine guides, Sandra's patented "get to the heart of the matter" mentoring, quite likely a mastiff snuggle and views that go on forever...

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