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Back in Greater Vancouver, Canada - July 18-21, 2024


Venue TBA.


** Use this page to complete the registration form (the price is set to $0 as you will be given the option of US of CDN funds). Once you've submitted this form and it has been received, Sandra will follow up with you about payment options.


Tuition is $1850 USD worldwide and a $500 deposit may be submitted to hold your space. If you prefer to pay in CDN funds the tution is $2500 CDN. 


If you have already taken the Health and Wellbeing Program and wish to reattend, and who doesn't, tuition is $950 USD or the CDN equivalent. Email Sandra for details at





  • The PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing Program 

    Taught by Dr. Duccio Locati


    Reach New Heights Through Optimal Health 


    These 4 tremendous, paradigm shifting days will include:

    • A balance to align beliefs with those of long life and good health, as extrapolated from the Psychoneuroimmunological literature.
    • An action plan to help bring the new potential into manifestation.
    • A balance to experience a life, free of a particular medical issue, with a process to replace the perceptions, beliefs, and circumstances of that problem with those of a healthy life.
    • A discussion and practice of several methods of interviewing, to elicit potential meaning and any possible growth opportunity of a particular medical problem or symptom.

    NB* Once you have registered and paid for this workshop, you will be contacted via email with a welcome package that will include logistics and recommendations to help you best prepare for the experience.

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