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for Equine Professionals

Are you ready to make a living doing what you love? Does what you love happen to involve horses? Learn how to harness the power of your beliefs and create the business of your dreams!

The KEY to creating Sustainable Business Success lies in your beliefs.

Have you heard statements like these often cited within books, articles or trainings?

“Change your beliefs and you can change your success.”
“When you shift a belief, you will stop fighting with yourself and develop real self-efficacy.”

Yet the ‘how to change’ is not provided or is suggested to use some conscious process that takes a long time…


Here are some myths about training:

        “For training to stick, we must repeat the information in a variety of ways

         and over a period of time.”
       “Training gives a temporary feel good but does not provide long term impact.”


When you blend training, consulting or coaching content with a proven sustainable approach to transforming beliefs or mindsets, you can achieve accelerated impact and sustainable success.

Are you ready:

  • To activate your belief potential?

  • To integrate your new mindset for success?

  • To help your clients get accelerated results?

  • To elevate your level of thinking about your business?

Sandra is ready to help you expand and evolve your business growth and enjoyment.

The focus of the workshop is to introduce you to an effective, proven method of integrating the science of success with awareness and wisdom at the subconscious level of the mind to create new automatic habits and actions. Habits and actions that support instead of inhibit, elevating your level of business consciousness and decision making savvy.

During  the workshop, you will learn and experience the processes for yourself and additionally, become well versed in how to incorporate them into your own training, consulting or coaching.

Learn how to update your mental mindset for Business Success. Research shows that winners are self-programmed with a winner’s edge that insures their success, even under adverse conditions.

Start creating the business of your future, today.

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