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Getting Intentional

GETTING INTENTIONAL - Engaging with the Tabula Rasa of a Brand New Year

If you're like me, having a blank slate can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

In recent years, I've used a simple process, aligned with what's taught in the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop, to clarify, simplify, and amplify goals and intentions at the dawn of each new year, well really at any time when change is in the air.

At the turning of life’s tides (an Equinox or Solstice, New Year’s Day or Eve, graduation, starting a new business or relationship, letting go, welcoming in, etc…) there is always a space.

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space, lies our power and freedom to choose. In our choice, lies our growth and freedom.”

~ Attributed to Viktor Frankl

But what to choose…?

There are so many beautiful goals begging to top our New Years Resolution List!

  • optimal health

  • submitting that book proposal

  • more play time with family

  • learning a new skill or going back to school

  • having the freedom to be more creative

  • in some way – creating and experiencing a more magnificent life...

Having an abundance of riches so to speak can become overwhelming.

To sidestep burnout so you can get clear about what’s most important for 2019, check out this simple process to clarify then amplify your intentions and goals.

Step 1– The Brain Storm - or Brain Dump

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve and experience in the next 12 months for your self, your relationships and your business/career.

This is brainstorming at it’s wildest. Let your imagination take flight.

No editing allowed!

Once your brain feels empty, and your list is full of dreams, big and small, bring it over to the gardening station…

Step 2– Become a Mindful Gardener

Anyone with a green thumb knows the key to keeping plants healthy and strong is regular pruning. Pruning allows the energy in the plant to get focused so it can grow more vibrantly. As a new gardener, I used to cringe when it came time to cut back the rose bushes. I was afraid I'd be cutting away all their beautiful new growth. However come spring, I was amazed at how quickly they grew, ever healthier than the year before.

As your brainstorm list likely shows, it can be second nature to take on too may things, especially at this time of year so how about following a bit of wisdom from the gardening world?

The best way to grow is to cut back!

a. Consider consciously, if the Pros outweigh the Cons.

If you find yourself saying….

  • “Hmmm, I’m not really as jazzed about that as I thought I’d be.”

  • “There’s not a big enough payoff for my self, my family, or my business.”

  • “It’s not worth it.”

… about any of your goals, cross them off your list!

b. Consider how your body responds to each goal.

Drop the remaining goals into your body.

Notice how each one …

  • feels emotionally meaningful

  • draws you toward it or pushes you away

  • brings you alive

If any of the goals push you back or feel neutral, cross them off your list!!

Once you’ve pruned your list, you'll be able to focus on the most meaningful few instead of the messy and cluttered many - and remember crossing off does not have to mean forever. You can revisit, adapt or add to this list at any time.

c. Consider the following questions courageously…

Who will I have to become to bring this dream to life?

What will I need to believe to make this goal a reality?

Is there any stress I need to transform to achieve this goal easily and gracefully?

If your goals make the cut from the steps above, CELEBRATE!

You've clarified, simplified and amplified what is most important for the coming year.

** For those of you who have taken PSYCH-K... there is a Step 3

Balance Your Priority Goals

This is a process taught in the PSYCH-K Workshops, enabling us to transform any subconscious resistance related to our desired intentions, goals and dreams, so we can actualize them quickly and easily.

If you'd like to learn these amazing processes to use in your own life or business, or book a transformational belief change session, email me at and we can discuss what can best suit your goals.

Saxon and I wish you a joyous and vibrant new year!!

And... I add what I feel is a worthy postscript... one of the goals I had last year at this time was to still be sitting fireside with my beloved aging mastiff - and here we are at last night's fire.

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