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Level 2 Foundations and Level 3 Focus Training in Equine Facilitated Wellness are offered abck to back in tandem in 2024.

Early Bird $3500 + gst by July 20/$3650 + gst thereafter


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    Lovingly referred to as "Dancing with Equus", this is an engaging facilitator program for wellness practitioners, coaches, counsellors, educators and equine professionals who want to master the art of partnering with horses in the fields of human or corporate development.

    Equivalent to EFW-Can’s Level 2 Foundations and Level 3 Focus Training and deliverd via the equivalent of 5 days online + home study and 5 days of in-person training at Chiron's Way.  

    NB* Once you have registered for this workshop, you will be contacted via email with a welcome package that will include logistics and recommendations to help you best prepare for the experience.

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