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Sandra Wallin is one of 10 horsewomen who have collaborated on this second publication in the, "Horse As Teacher" series. This global herd of writers tell stories of a new horsemanship, one where horses are recognized as teachers and healers and honoured for their ability to transform lives.

Sandra’s chapter is about her mare Grace, a Tennessee Walking Horse who seems to know just what lesson to pull out for each person or team. Whether it is carrying a child with autism to a place of connection and peace, or breathing deeply into the heart of a grieving cancer patient, Grace identifies with each person and adjusts her responses to suit.

People who have met Grace never forget her and once you’ve read this book, you’ll appreciate why… and understand why horses are such great teachers.

In her forward to the book, Barbara Rector, Director of Adventures in Awareness in Tucson and a pioneer in the field equine guided development writes, “The appeal of these stories from persistent, patient women is in their authentic voices. Listening to and allowing the expression of the healing gifts horses offer through relationship deepens awareness and develops consciousness."

This collection of stories offers us the opportunity to step into that world and experience what horses can teach us about relationships. Be ready to see relationships in a whole new way!

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship

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