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Too Much Love: A Home Grown Lynne McTaggart Intention Experiment

Too Much Love:

A Home Grown Lynne McTaggart Intention Experiment

When my youngest daughter was in elementary school, I was unsurprised when she brought home four styrofoam cups, each containing bean seeds she'd planted earlier that day ... the beginning of the ever popular grade school experiment designed to teach the scientific method and examine the effect light has on plants.

Ever an outside-the-box thinker, Sydney asked if she could leave her precious cargo in the kitchen, explaining that she would like it if the people who came to our home for two upcoming workshops would help test her hypothesis.

She wondered what would happen if she kept the light and water constant but adjusted a different variable – kindness and meanness in her words, essentially examining the effect verbal bullying would have on the growth of her beans - sadly something she’d witnessed and experienced already at school.

…. “If we speak kind words to two of the plants they will grow faster than the other two plants who we’ll speak mean words to.” - - - but as soon as those words came out of her mouth, I could see the wheels turning. She stopped herself and said she did not want any unkind words spoken to any of the beans, reformulating her intention on the spot. She now that we only speak kindly to 2 of the bean-lings and simply let the other ones be….

The folks who came to the house over the next two weeks good-naturedly participated in this cutting edge experiment at the end of which Syd examined and measured her beans.

They were all very similar in height, breadth and colour. For a moment I could see the disappointment on her face. Then it lit up.

I asked after the results of her experiment and she proclaimed,

“Mom, there’s just too much love here!”

“At first I thought I’d placed the beans too close together and the kind words that were being said to the A beans were being overheard by the B beans but really, I think it does not matter how close the beans were together because when there is as much love as there is here, everything can’t help but grow.”


Lynne McTaggart, one of my favourite writers, author of The Field, The Bond, The Intention Experiments and the newly released The Power of Eight will be speaking here in BC in June at the Science and Spirituality Conference. Also featured will be Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.

I hope to see you there!

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