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A Life Saver for Lola - the Pug

My dear friend Nafissa was in the midst of moving to her dream acreage last week. We had just spent five transformational days together with horses - in large part the inspiration for her desired change of locale - so we left each other with happy hugs as she set off to do more packing.

In my own apres-horse bliss state, I checked email before bed, completely unprepared for what I found... then completely at peace and in gratitude for PSYCH-K... in particular Surrogation (which enables us to support others during times of need when they can't support themselves) and the Transformation of Stress and Trauma protocol.

Hi Sandra, thanks for an amazing 5 days! Wll write more later. Just wanted to share my experience with Lola today.

I honestly thought she was going to die today. Her stress with the move was through the roof. She was a bit taken aback with the movers and then as the activity instensified she got more and more upset and panting. I had to take her out to the deck.

Then as we realized it was time to move ourselves as the movers were ready I brought her in and I went to get Murphy (her other pug) who was in his crate.

The house was empty. There were runners that the movers laid down to protect the floors.

Lola started screaming like she was being murdered. My heart stopped. I ran back. The movers ran over and she wasn’t physically hurt this was a cry of despair.

She fell 3 times on the way to the car (it was up the street as there were 3 massive moving trucks out front ) and couldn’t get up when she did.

At the new place she fell over a couple times and at one point I thought she was having a seizure as she was flailing so much. Thankfully she wasn't - but it was still distressing as she couldn’t get up.

I gave her food - she didn’t want it. I gave her a home - she didn’t want it. I took her out to the grass to lie down - she got more stressed. I was beside myself trying to soothe her and her breathing and heart rate were through the roof. On a scale of 1-10 stress she was a 2000! I really was worried she was going to die.

I found myself saying, “I don’t know how to help her!”

And then remembered.

I did.

I popped into surrogation with her on my lap to transform the stress- in her state getting the correct cross over position to do the balance was challenging but we did it.

I could feel her on my lap calming down DURING the balance. She was still a 9 out of 10 right after I was done but that was a huge improvement from her inconsolable Mach 10 stress a moment ago.

Within 5-6 minutes she calmed to a 5 out of 10. And then a few minutes later to a 1-2. She’s still a bit naturally out of sorts as this was a huge deal. But that’s natural.

She’s totally ok and her breathing and heart are normal and she hasn’t fallen over again.

PSYCH-K saved my dog's life today. I wanted you to know.

Thank you.



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