The Weight

The Weight

The horse said,

"For so long, I have been carrying the weight of humanity, in all its forms.

Across nomadic landscapes, in times of conquest, and today in what some of you think of as kinship."

So the girl said,

"Rest your head in my hands. Allow me to carry you for a while."

Chiron and Miranda - Dancing With Equus

The field of equine guided development, and all its incarnations, is powerfully positioned to give back to these benevolent beings who've walked alongside, and often carried us, along our evolutionary journey. Yet, when considering the horse, many still see, and use them as tools, even within the aforementioned field.

In 2012, an pivotal document was published substantiating that consciousness does not lie solely within the domain of homo sapiens. The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, written by a group of prominent scientists, goes on to prove that animals are

conscious... sentient... and have feelings.

For those of us who grew up in the company of animals