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Beyond Sisyphus

Are You Tired of Pushing the Same Goals Uphill?

Fon Restorff Album Cover - art by Igor Morski

The story of Sisyphus tells of the eternal condemnation of pushing a rock to the top of a

mountain and once there, to have it roll back to the bottom from where the

endless cycle would begin again.

Have you ever felt this way about your own goals or dreams?

That no matter what you've done or how hard you've tried, just as you reach the

summit, something happens to bring it all crashing down?

If you're ready to move up and over your change threshold,

remember these 4 simple steps:

1- identify your current reality, and if it's less than ideal...

2- ask yourself how or what you want to feel or experience instead

3- ensure the beliefs you hold at the subconscious level of mind support #2

4- take inspired action to support your new beliefs

Move Beyond Sisyphus!

Start Belief Building - TODAY

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