Discover the Healing Mysteries of Egypt's Ancient Civilization

My beautiful friend, exquisite author and luminous teacher, Nicki Scully, is offering two captivating events on Egyptian Shamanism and Alchemy through the Shift Network. Nicki was generous enough to teach an Alchemical Healing Workshop here a few years ago. What I learned from her and through her incredible books, continues to inform and inspire me today. I adore her and am excited to invite you to enjoy her amazing and important teachings.

Offering 1: Complimentary Mini-Workshop

Are you intrigued by the healing magic of ancient Egypt? And by shamanism, with its sacred practices that can transform your life in deep and lasting ways?

There’s a compelling shamanic path you may not know about… Egyptian shamanism, which can bring you powerful alchemical practices for drawing from the wisdom and healing energies of this ancient civilization.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a free video event with celebrated author and teacher of Egyptian mysteries, Nicki Scully: Discover Egyptian Shamanism: Awakening the Deities Hathor, Sekhmet, Isis & Thoth Within You.

During this fascinating 60 minutes steeped in Egyptian magic and lore, you’ll:

  • Meet and experience some of Egypt’s most powerful deities, who can guide and heal you — and through you, others

  • Learn about potent shamanic rituals practiced by the Pharaohs of Egypt, which can also provide YOU with direct guidance from Source