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Discover the Healing Mysteries of Egypt's Ancient Civilization

My beautiful friend, exquisite author and luminous teacher, Nicki Scully, is offering two captivating events on Egyptian Shamanism and Alchemy through the Shift Network. Nicki was generous enough to teach an Alchemical Healing Workshop here a few years ago. What I learned from her and through her incredible books, continues to inform and inspire me today. I adore her and am excited to invite you to enjoy her amazing and important teachings.

Are you intrigued by the healing magic of ancient Egypt? And by shamanism, with its sacred practices that can transform your life in deep and lasting ways?

There’s a compelling shamanic path you may not know about… Egyptian shamanism, which can bring you powerful alchemical practices for drawing from the wisdom and healing energies of this ancient civilization.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a free video event with celebrated author and teacher of Egyptian mysteries, Nicki Scully: Discover Egyptian Shamanism: Awakening the Deities Hathor, Sekhmet, Isis & Thoth Within You.

During this fascinating 60 minutes steeped in Egyptian magic and lore, you’ll:

  • Meet and experience some of Egypt’s most powerful deities, who can guide and heal you — and through you, others

  • Learn about potent shamanic rituals practiced by the Pharaohs of Egypt, which can also provide YOU with direct guidance from Source

  • Awaken to the knowledge that the deities live within you — as you remember them, you “re-member” your authentic Self

  • Learn a “Heart Breath” practice that will ignite your soul’s fire and place you at the center point between matter and spirit, between earth and sky

  • Receive leading-edge shamanic interpretations of the Pyramid Texts, and how they’re changing the understanding of modern Egyptology

When you join Nicki for this complimentary mini-workshop, she’ll guide you in aligning with the life-transformative energies of these ancient deities so that you can receive their gifts and knowledge through direct experience.

You’ll begin to experience the life force that emanates through these archetypal energies, which are already inextricably woven into your very being.

CLICK HERE to ACCESS this Gift from Nicki


Begins August 8th

Imagine you're journeying across the boundaries of time and space to steep your soul in the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Maybe you're gliding down the Nile on a lavish royal vessel adorned in colourful velvets...

... or stepping into a candle-lit temple to work with the healing energies of their gods and goddesses...

Nowhere on the planet have the ancients left such bold statements as in Egypt. The intention and purpose with which they imbued their monuments reverberates though time.

The Shift Network has made it possible to take a virtual journey to and through these ancient sites with a guide who for decades sailed the Nile and lit candles in the sacred temples... a student and teacher of Egypt's ancient mysteries... Nicki Scully.

Nicki told me yesterday...

"This course is my leading edge work containing many layers of initiations thus it is equally appropriate for beginners, shamanic practitioners, teachers and anyone interested in Egypt.

Primary deities include the Sphinx and Hathor, Isis and Nephthys, Sekhmet with Nekhbet and Wadjet, Thoth and Ma'at, Khnum with a number of other allies, Hapi, and of course Anubis.

You will experience the love and joy of Hathor, communally gestate a new mystery with Isis, experience death, illumination, regeneration and rebirth with Anubis and Osiris, and receive a new genetic blueprint from Thoth, and I realise such short descriptions can hardly express the depth of the teachings, initiations, rites of passage and transformation that are contained within these mysteries."

Nicki's journeys are rich, deep and transformative.

If you're called to reach back to the sacred sites of ancient Egypt, to work with healing wisdom of its pantheon of gods and goddesses and bring forward their healing magic into your modern life...

join Nicki beginning August 8th for a journey like no other.


Xen with Nicki,

enjoying a little equine alchemy after her Alchemical Healing Workshop here in 2017

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