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Coming to Life in the Dead Sea

Although it is commonly said we're afraid of death, perhaps our greatest fear is living boldly, colourfully and audaciously - free of judgement, regret and beige.

After three years in the planning, my desert sister Sandra Jelly and I invite you to join us on a journey of unimaginable beauty... across the sacred lands of the Jordanian desert, through three world heritage sites, culminating in an immersion then emergence, from the healing waters of the Dead Sea.

Are you:

  • longing to set your heart free from the bindings of a conditioned life?

  • ready to live boldly and colourfully - free of regret, resentment and fear?​

  • sensing a persistent presence calling out from the edge of your awareness, beckoning you to say YES to the wild and untamed YOU?

  • feeling called to explore the spiritual treasures of an ancient land?

  • excited to step beyond the status quo and do something you'll remember for a lifetime?

Unbridle yourself from restricting have to(s) and should(s).

Listen as your heart guides you to wildly abandon all that does not bring you alive.

It is the quiet hour, just before the waking of the dawn. The sky turns from black to deep blue then the first rays of light reach toward you across red desert sands. Mesmerized by the beauty of the shadows rising against sandstone mountains - you find yourself meandering back and yet forward along an ancient trading road, leading to the Rose City of Petra.

Entering the enchanting ambience of this world heritage site, a surprisingly cool breeze whispers, then transports you to a forgotten place buried within the depths of your heart. 

Back at camp you gather round a Bedouin fire, smiling as you recall your day attuning to the power of the mysterious city, listening to the wind whispering its sacred secrets and awakening the light in your own heart as you drink deeply of the desert mysteries that suffuse this arid landscape. Like the swirling of the fire, spiritual energies emanate from the places you've encountered, smudging you before your journey to the Dead Sea. There, buoyed in salinity, you notice any final limitations being washed away, then emerge from its healing waters, ANEW.

The desert is full of enchantment and beauty.

This captivating place invites you to be nourished by its embrace for 9 luminous days

and 8 star filled nights.

Sandra Wallin and Sandra Jelly, are horse sisters who bring together the healing wisdom of the temperate rainforest and the transformational energy of the desert.

They invite you on a powerful journey of remembering and discovery.

No horse, camel or yoga experience required. 


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