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Invitation from a New Decade

Here we are dear friends, looking out at a new decade. It's standing right in front of us,

inviting our intentions and asking for our hearts.

And as we take our first few steps into it, consider … it is inner attunement

that brings outer attainment. 

What we manifest in the world is a reflection

of our internal landscape. 

Familiar new year’s resolution practices encourage us to focus on the “out there”

but unless we are doing so while oriented to our inner compass, it’s easy to get caught in a pattern of HAVE TO and  SHOULD or a knee jerk "I need to have what she's having"

without truly checking in.

To help define goals that are personal, authentic and meaningful, so your insides match your outsides, here is a simple yet powerful exercise I like to use.

If you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, drop into your heart and ask it for a message. The heart always gives simple, useful guidance. From this space we see, hear and feel more clearly how to align our thoughts, beliefs and actions with our inner wisdom.

Once the message is received, you know what to do.

2020 is a legacy year.

There’s joy to tap, a planet to honour and bridges to build and…

the heart will lead the way.


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