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Trust Your Heart

When it feels like every step brings us to another crossroad, our hearts can show the way.

Below is a wonderful and timely video from Bruce Lipton for those (these) times when we have important decisions to make.

He suggests we can:

1- Do a mental or conscious analysis then consider the pros and cons of the decision.

2- Once the data is in, BUT BEFORE finalizing the decision or taking action, drop the question or decision into our heart and ask what it has to say.

The heart 'looks' at the outcome, weighing in about whether we get more energy from the decision... a good vibe, or less energy from the decision... a 'bad' vibe which brings a depletion of energy.

The heart reads the energy. Higher energy is more life. Lesser energy is less life.

The Principles of Nature encourage us to move toward that which enhances life.

For example, the lilac tree in our backyard was planted in an area of the garden that only gets morning sun. In response, the lilac has stretched its branches out of the shade

(positive phototropism), making a decision to move toward the light, toward more life.

When the potential outcome of a decision or choice makes our hearts sing, it is moving us toward more life. So when you find yourself at the next crossroad, trust your heart.



PS Getting to use the word phototropism in this blog was very life enhancing for me :o)


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