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Make Room For Grace

Portal of Grace by Kim McElroy

We started the day off inside, discussing the sentient nature of horses – well of all beings in fact – and how the “conditions” we humans bring with us to our work and play lives with equines, always have an effect.

I touched in on the event that started what we’d come together to learn – Equine Assisted Belief Change – by sharing how Chiron got colic during a time of intense stress in our lives and how after FOUR days of touch and go, vet visits and interventions, complimentary treatments, walking vigil through night, and all the things we do to help our beloveds come through this oh so real threat… the AH HA acorn fell from the sky and unceremoniously cracked me on the head. Click Here to read more of that storyChiron Likes Bon Jovi.

Today, with this group of horse lovers and professionals who work in the company of horses, the herd had an avid audience but the June weather kept asking, “Are you really up for this?”

We answered YES, donned our slickers then made our way out into the wet grey. Over the years I’ve come to trust the rain, knowing it to be a portent of what is to come. Deep work. Profound shifts. And rainbows. All realms of Grace…

As usual, the three boys (Chiron, Xen and Tank) were milling about, for we must surely have come to see them. Grace was hidden within the shelter as I wondered about where we could best stay dry. The torrent of rain picked up so we followed her lead, making for dry harbour and taking over one of the stalls.

As we settled in, Grace’s ears pricked up. She left the cocoon of the shelter and walked over to stand in front of us. She watched as we huddled under cover, then moved in close causing us to shift and shuffle so we'd all fit safely. What happened next could not have been planned or predicted though after 12 plus years with her, I am never surprised.

Grace held court. Chiron, Xen and Tank held space.

I watched in awe as this beautiful mare chose one person then another, until she’d worked with everyone in turn.

The initial intention was we’d each have a turn facilitating an EABC session for each other, learning from one and each as we went along. Grace made it clear we were there to learn from and with her and she choreographed the day precisely.

As we played musical chairs, taking turns in each role, Grace was the centre of each experience. At one point it was obvious she was offering profound healings to two people at the same time. She was like Grandmother Spider, connected to every part of the web and we were the threads within it.

At liberty the entire time, free to choose where she wanted to be and with whom, Grace put on a Master Class. We were her students and she our teacher, healer, and friend.

As the day drew to its end, the rain stopped. We dried our tears and smiled bright smiles. I looked over at Grace who was standing within a human circle of love. I bowed my head and offered her silent thanks for reminding us to always make room for grace/GRACE.

With Heart,

Chiron, Sandra and Grace


**A sharing from Pene about our beautiful EABC day in the rain. Thank you.**

She was waiting, silently calling…

Even before we all entered the pen, the sisterhood was formed.

I drew the horse card, “Sisters of the Horse”, the tears flowed as the words settled on my spirit,

it was already written.

My belief statement, “I am living my dream”, “I am on the path”, I took to the herd.

Grace, with her gentle way, didn’t waste any time letting me know her message.

She bee-lined straight for me in the centre of the pen, and stopped right at my heart, her head gently nudging…”look there, its here, you are here, on the path, you are the path AND know you are on horse time”.

Grace turned and backed up into my chest so her rear was at my heart level. ‘Go on you earned it”. She allowed me to scratch her rump, that was my prize for listening.

Tank followed her lead, and came to me and confirmed the message. Chiron chose to teach me to not get distracted and hold the vision strong.

Their work was done. Its up to me now.

With the gentle mist rolling in around us, Grace circled the sisters, supporting, confirming and holding horse space.

She too was getting replenished and healing from the “Sisters of the Horse”.

Today, we became her herd, transforming each of us with unfolding Grace.

~ Penelope


Special Note from the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness July 7, 2012

We declare the following: “The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states. Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors. Consequently, the weight of evidence indicates that humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness. Nonhuman animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates.”

* The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness was written by Philip Low and edited by Jaak Panksepp, Diana Reiss, David Edelman, Bruno Van Swinderen, Philip Low and Christof Koch. The Declaration was publicly proclaimed in Cambridge, UK, on July 7, 2012, at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference on Consciousness in Human and non-Human Animals, at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, by Low, Edelman and Koch. The Declaration was signed by the conference participants that very evening, in the presence of Stephen Hawking, in the Balfour Room at the Hotel du Vin in Cambridge, UK. The signing ceremony was memorialized by CBS 60 Minutes.


The painting at the top of this blog was done by my dear friend and renowned artist,

It is entitled Portal of Grace.

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