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The Journey Horse - a playful conversation

I met Michael Stone in February and we've been laughing and creating ever since. Our first collaboration, The JOURNEY HORSE, will bring together a blend of some of the things we love most - journey work, shamanic practices, creative expression, re-writing old stories - and horses!

There will be an intro night for those of you who want to dip your toe in followed by 2 days of playful yet powerful immersion if you want to dive deep.

Click Here to listen to a playful conversation between Michael and I about The Journey Horse.

- with his beloved Buddha.

Michael is a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Coach, Journalist, and the host and producer of The Shift Network Shamanism Global Summit and KVMR’s Conversations.

He interviews leading edge thinkers, authors and activists in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, and Spiritual fulfillment. Michael spent most of his vocational life as a corporate Organizational Development Consultant, Communications Specialist, and Leadership Trainer.

He has extensive training in somatic movement as a student of Gabrielle Roth since the 70’s, is a certified trainer in 5Rhythms, Trance Dance, and Soul Motion, and is a graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic teachers program.

Michael leads classes, teleseminars and workshops on Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation and Spiritual Fulfillment, and leads groups on healing expeditions to South America and Europe.

Click Here to learn more about Michael.

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