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She Walks With Horses

Dante writes,

"In the middle of the road of my life, I awoke in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost."

She Walks With Horses is a group mentorship program for women who are ready

to find - redefine - remember - and honour - THEIR WAY.

To be their own path maker after taking the road more traveled ... the one that motherhood, sisterhood and/or livelihood may have lead them on.

In addition to Sandra and each other, your way finding companions will be horses - the Chiron's Way herd in fact - masters at helping women discover, and orient, toward their own north star.

This workshop is open to 8 path makers. We will gather together over four afternoons sprinkled throughout the summer. There will be space between each session to facilitate further reflection, inspiration and integration.

No horse experience is required.

Grace, Chiron, Xen and Tank will take good care of you.

Walking With Grace

Walking With Grace

"You make the path by walking - By walking you make the path..."

~ equine guided empowerment ~ expressive arts ~ heart coherency ~

~ way finding with horses ~ path making ~

June 19, July 10, July 31 and August 21

at Chiron's Way near Vancouver

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